The Rise of Mobile Ready Websites


Mobile Websites are on the Way

The rise of Mobile Ready Websites could well represent the biggest shift in Internet Marketing in recent years, if not over the life of the Web.

The stats are stunning with nearly 3x as many people searching via their mobile phones and mobile devices compared to “traditional” PC/Mac/Laptop users. And the gap is predicted to widen further as the take up of mobile devices outstrips increases in “traditional” users.

But there is a divide opening up in the web community.

One school of thought promotes the concept of a single website software development that works across all the possible end user platforms, PC/Laptop/Notebook/Tablet/Smart Phone

A second school of thought prefers to accept that there are physical constraints that make this either impractical or potentially more expensive than it has to be. This school is relaxed at the prospect of two separate platforms with a simpler more generic platform to cater for the rapid expansion of mobile devices with their physically smaller screens.

Our Clients Want What is Working NOW

Our clients are already asking the questions:

“How can we provide Mobile Ready Landing Pages or Websites for our potential visitors?”

“Not next year, but asap, because that’s where they (our potential customers) are looking for us, so can we do this NOW?”

So we have joined the second school of thought because that technology is already available and at a cost that makes it affordable to our clients, even in these tough times.

This is VERY new technology. After testing through the autumn, we took a key decision on the choice of software we would use and took up the license. We have since tested and tested the software on various Blog/Mobile combinations and we are now putting the final touches to our first client Mobile Ready Website Site. By all means check it out and tell us what you think. You can find it here:

New mobile ready website from Surrey-Internet

Blog/Mobile Website for Surrey Hat Studios

We have a few more in the pipeline and will post updates as soon as the next is ready to have a look at.

But look, we know there are hundreds of mobile device options out there. So whilst we have used a very simple layout to try and cater for as many end user platforms as possible, we have to gear up the sites to the devices we expect to be most commonly used by the prospective visitors. In our neck of the woods the iPhones and Blackberries dominate the market. But if you use another type of phone do let us know how the site works for you.

We are really we excited about the year ahead and we feel that Mobile Ready Websites will be a big part of that. So any feedback would be appreciated.

All the Best

The team at Surrey Internet


Alan Watson Art

Alan Watson Art – new Website soon to go Mobile

Alan Watson presents a portfolio of paintings and drawings expressing his wide and eclectic interests. Having trained as a professional illustrator, he spent some 20 years specialising in architectural illustration. He has been running a specialist art shop for some years now with his wife Charlotte who is also a professional artist. They both exhibit and sell their own work.

As well as pursuing his wider interest in architecture, particularly Venetian architecture, Alan’s portfolio also includes, Life Drawings, Landscapes and Seascapes. His paintings and drawings are available to purchase via his new website, both as originals and for some also as limited edition prints..

Over the years Alan has exhibited at a number of galleries and sold his paintings through various outlets, but the new website provides scope to increase his profile and expand the range of limited edition prints that have proved so popular.

You can visit his new wwebsite by clicking on the image or using the link below:





What’s the point of Blogging?

Should Businesses run Blogs?

Here at Surrey Internet we really should have practised what we preached. Whilst we were happy to advise clients on the merits of running a Blog to help promote their main Website, we fell into the old trap of “cobbler’s shoes” where we let our own operation fall short of the potential benefits available.

Not anymore.

A couple of things have completely changed our perspective and prompted action.

Firstly, we finally converted to WordPress. We were a prime example of Blogging for slow learners, but not anymore. WordPress is just the bees knees of Blogging platforms and can meet an awful lot of Website design requirements as well.

Secondly, through 2011we were researching emerging Mobile Ready Technology and we now have our mits on what we regard as the best solution that works right now and is affordable for small to medium sized businesses. And this solution works with WordPress.

The Blog / Mobile Ready Solution that works NOW

So the answer to the opening question is almost universally “Yes, most businesses should run a Blog” because the Blog lets you keep a running commentary of your current news and enables prospective customers to enage with you. And it all ties neatly together with Social Media as well if you want to utilise that medium as well.

And if you haven’t got any news to tell prospective customers and clients then you have a business problem not a marketing problem. We can admit to that failing ourselves.

Added to all that the Blog compliments your main Website, both in terms of content and message, but also in terms of optimisation.

So the prospect of operating a Blog/Mobile Ready Platform is a win-win situation because even if you don’t have a WordPress Blog supporting your Website, then, in our humble opinion as recent converts, you should have one, it just makes sound marketing sense anyway. And now we can include Mobile Ready Landing Pages and even Mobile Ready Mini Websites working in parallel with your Blog.

So if a visitor finds your Blog via a Laptop, they go straight to the Blog. But if they find it via a Mobile Device such as an iPhone or Blackberry then they are automatically directed to the Mobile Ready Site. Test it for your self on one of our client sites under development:

Mobile Listings are on the way

With Mobile specific submission coming onstream, the listings showing up on Google and other search engines on your Smart Phone will soon be platform specific to some degree as well. In other words, if you have a Mobile Ready Site your customers can find but your competition doesn’t, then you’re ahead of the game

Change of Tune

As I mentioned, we became WordPress converts only last year. But since then we have come to the conclusion that WordPress has to be just one of the best things about the internet, offering such a rich platform that just about any business can exploit. And whilst we are the first to acknowledge that we came to it late in the day, we are now looking to take advantage of this great platform for ourselves and for our clients.

The Year Ahead

Without a doubt the economic climate is difficult and many businesses will find the going tough for some time yet. All the more reason to start a new marketing approach taking advantage of the sweeping changes with the search engines, the emerging technologies, the rising numbers and how the end users are adapting to it all. One thing we are sure of though is that 2012 is the year to get Blogging and get Mobile Ready at the same time.